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RADIO STATIONS PLAYING SHORTS IN EUROPE: Rootstime, Halen Belgium; RADIOGIRL on Dollard Radio - Oldambt, The Netherlands; Jane Weber, EuroRadio (A member of European Broadcasting Union - EBU/Union Europeenne De Radio Television - UER) SLOVENIA, EUROPE; Broadcast: ”Music from COAST to COAST” Tiger FM Skagen Nærradio DJ: Benny Sørensen, Minervavej 28, 9990 Skagen Danmark; Highway 61- Italian Radio; Radio FM Goud  -  Belgium radio, October 2013; NBT Music radio, Germany; More in Holland, Sweden, Germany, & ?


Review quotes from the pros:

"Very clever songs that deserve to reach a wider audience." ROOTSTIME, Belgium magazine/website

"Great singing and playing, and really strong songwriting." Peter Holmstedt, Music Promotor, Sweden

"Five stars! Exquisite songwriting and very complex arrangements that never seem overly intellectual, but directly jump to the soul. Lots of groove and passion are dripping from the instruments and voices. This music is so unusual, so unusually good that I have to recommend this album again!" Från Wolfgang Giese - ROCKTIMES MAGAZINE, Germany

"An unprecedented cornucopia of various musical styles - designed for people who are interested in the unusual and enjoy looking outside of the box. "COUNTRY JUKEBOX", Munich, Germany

"Great variety and high level performances by all involved with plenty of surprises." Roger Bengtsson - IKON MAGAZINE, Vintrosa, Sweden

"Shorts" defies pigeonholing..... always compelling listening." R2 - ROCK'N'REEL MAGAZINE, U.K.

"Inventive, funny, infectious, intellegent, catchy... It all fits together in a nice big picture!" MOORS MAGAZINE, The Netherlands


Review quotes from fans:

"You got the vibe right" "It's all really good - great job!" "I love it!" "The magic of a winner!" "Awesome job - a masterpiece!" "I love the variety." "It's wonderful.""'Shorts' deserves a respected place among the truly great and original contributions to western contemporary music." "I love your cd."




"I love the CD!!!!"
Joanna H., Liberty, NY 4/22/13

"Zan, I liked your CD, Buddy! It was very good, man. Nice tunes, nice messages, nice sonic quality. The main thing is, is that you got the "vibe" right. A good vibe. That's the hardest thing to do.... Umm, I really enjoyed it man... I listened to it for a few days, man! Nice job Buddy! I really like One Step Left, Metamorphosis, Things That Make Me Cry, the Jalopy song,, that's interesting, man... western guitar and stuff, man, great guitar sound, umm...It was all good, it was all really good bro. I thought you did a great job, man!......Ummm.... It was a little, the, uh, I think whoever did the mastering made it really loud - like stupid loud, so it can be a little ear-piercing when you crank it on some high level speakers, but, umm, I don't think that'll be a problem for most listeners. But I really liked it, Zan!" - Douglas Gorlin - Owner/Chief Engineer - Hollyview Sound Recording Studio, Hollywood, CA 5/10/13

"Your CD, "Shorts", is fabulous. I've listened to it so many times that I am now humming some of the tunes and able to sing right along with the music and lyrics. I think it has all the magic of a winner!". Nancy J., Gulfport, FL 6/1/13

...update From Nancy: "My cd player broke when I moved and haven't played your cd in months. Got a new player, put on "Shorts", & my Macaw is singing & dancing along with your music!". - 3/14, Florida

"I never got to tell you how much I'm enjoying your CD in my car. You did an awesome job! I may not have a good ear, but I definitely can tell when music is professional and excellent quality. You are very talented! I just wish I knew people who could promote you. You impressed me with your ability to produce such a masterpiece! Congratulations! Best wishes for a great year ahead!" Denny T., Huntington, NY 5/14/13

"Am one day post-op in L.A. Doing ok. Keep hearing your tunes in my head!" Blannie W., Tampa, FL 5/17/13


"Thank you so much for the CD. I love the variety on it. And I noticed your kids are doing back-up vocals on it. Cool!... Thanks again for the CD - I love it!" Ellena R., Durango, CO 5/13/13

"...I wanted to listen to the album in a setting more conducive to listening before commenting. Ok, now. It's wonderful. I think people who hear it will love it. My favorites are Things that Make Me Cry, Learning How to Love, and Fly Away. I have no technical explanations for why I like these most, they just appeal to me aesthetically the most." Martin G., Fairfield, CT 4/22/13

"I have been running & running....and so decided to sit down and try to work my way through in a single sitting... Overall....I'm reminded of earlier times and the Martin guitar...and the earthy beginnings you had come from when we first met....the violins and general buzz and hiss of the production....I like that and when it brings on first impressions...probably my favorites were: Things That Make Me Cry and Learning How To Love.... I'm impressed with the magnitude of the undertaking and impressed with the result...the production is glossy, the work hard felt and hard earned." Mark G. Los Angeles, CA 5/12/13


"I have listened to your new CD release 3 times and really like some of the songs - can't remember the titles right now . I must say that the compilation of songs covers many music genres; from reggae to surf to jazz . Like to talk about it more in depth in person." Bill A. Yonkers, NY 6/21/13

"SHORTS has a very professional sound. We played it here in the store and it sounded great!" Teddy Gordon, Mgr,. Make n' Music, Chicago, Illinois 6/26/13


From ROOTSTIME, Belgium magazine/website, Europe:

Since the early 1990's, the New York based musician and multi-instrumentalist Zan Burnham has been active as the central figure in a number of performing folk and/or rock formations, and the new release of the album "Shorts" brings us the latest creation from his band, Zan Zone. Two little-ep's and a full acoustic CD, 2009's "Time & Materials", have brought him musical attention in recent years.

Its strengths lie in the creation of songs that have love, hope, and happiness as a central theme. In a world where there's more than enough misery and pain, according to Zan Burnham there is an urgent need for Positivism. That's why he puts that concept into his songs, like the 13 songs on this new album. These numbers are a selection from a wide range of more than 500 songs Zan Burnham has written in recent years.

Repetitive riffs and grooves form the basis of his musical compositions that were to our personal taste made a bit too smoothly refined in the recording studio. However, we also find some very clever songs that deserve to reach a wider audience.

The opening track, the instrumental "Paean To The Muse", is based on traditional Irish folk music, and "One Step Left" and "Fly Away" are two more modern popish tunes. "Days Of Our Lives", which is based on a reggae rhythm, is a fun sing-along, and the ballads "Things That Make Me Cry", and even reggae-based "Bad Timing", are two very strong songs.

On the other hand, we are much less impressed with the way-too-long drawn out songs, "Only The Earth Endures" (8 minutes), "I Color Me Blue" (7 minutes), and "Learning How To Love" (9 & 1/2 minutes), which, moment-to-moment, are perhaps pretty good songs, but songs that could be shortened to 3 to 4 minutes.

No less than 19 names are listed in the CD notes for "Shorts". All instrumentalists and singers should be thanked for their contribution to the realization of this album, which represents a small life's work for Zan Burnham. (Valsam)

(valsam) Belgium, Europe, 7/2/13

Also, quick review from ROOTSTIME: "Love, hope, and happiness are the main subjects in the music and the songs of Zan Burnham, the New York based brains behind the artist/band called 'Zan Zone'. Positive messages to the people that are facing misery or pain is what he is trying to give on the pop, folk and reggae songs from his newest record 'Shorts'." 9/3/13



The new disc you sent has been on constant repeat in my CD-players (at home, in the car and in the office) since early this week, and these are my thoughts:

* The great singing and playing, and the really strong songwriting  (I really DO love the 2nd track!)(One Step Left)
* The musicianship and production really adds "weight" to the already great feel
* The recordings are really "in your face", in the most positive meaning
* It's great to hear a disc where the songs, the performances, the overall feeling, creates "a picture" for the listener

* This album really feels like "an album" in the truest sense of the word!
* ...and the packaging is awesome!

Peter Holmstedt, Music Promotor, Sweden EU, 7/22/13



Creatively and technically brilliant, the 2013 CD, "Shorts" by Zan Zone, is not what I'd call easy listening. Rather, I would call it "profound listening". Though in certain songs I would have preferred vocals that are more sweet than harsh, the editing, timing, instrumentation, and singing of talented lead singer/songwriter, Zan Burnham, are all executed to near perfection. Lyrics that are meaningful and poetic, with a distinct bent towards the cynical, are supported by an awesome varity of music. The unusual and captivating sounds that "dress" this album are masterfully woven to sustain attention, fun, and mystery. Rather than the usual variations on a single musical style, it seems that many of the individual tracks within this album could each alone serve as gateways to new genres of music. The fourth track, "Days Of Our Lives", now reigns as one of my all-time favorite tunes, so melodic that it echos off the boundries of my mind for days after a single audition. "Shorts" deserves a respected place among the truly great and original contributions to western contemporary music. Dr. Mark Tieman, Comack, NY, 9/4/13

"Hi! We are listening to your album and it's great! Liam (2years old) loves dancing to it.... also, I could just hear this as movie background music." Elizabeth D., Austin, TX 9/27/13


FIVE STAR REVIEW! - Rocktimes Magazine - Germany:

Today we are offered music - the new Zan Zone album, "Shorts" - which disrupts the normal (read: safe) listening experience for many because a fusion of individual elements of various styles of music takes place beyond the first glance. It's a wild mix by seemingly crazed musicians. But it's not so bad and ultimately it remains consistent and something that definitely brings an almost continuous and widespread good mood.

Zan Zone comes from New York - a place as colorful as its people, especially with regard to the great historical European influence . We find, in the opening title, a folk song from the early seventeenth century, "Let Us Rejoice", first published in a hymnal book from 1623 by Peter von Brachel of Cologne, Germany. The music (lyric) of a Native American is also taken into account in song number seven, "Only The Earth Endures", which has a connection with a man from the nineteenth century, Used-As-A-Shield, who was a member of the Lakota Indian tribe.

Zan Burnham has, for over twenty years, been striving to bring different musical influences under one roof since his first LP in 1995. Since 2010 he has been working with the disc now released. Very good musicians were involved in the recording. For me, as a jazz music lover, particularly striking is the involvement of jazz musician Bill Ware on vibraphone, who's playing is close to that of Gary Burton, one of the innovators of the instrument.

The versatility of the music has, in my opinion, the advantage of having different styles mixed up and in, which prompts the listener to accept music they've never quite heard this way before. Thus Burnham opens virtually new doors. Add in exquisite songwriting and very complex arrangements that never seem overly intellectual, but directly jump to the soul. Lots of groove and passion are dripping from the instruments and voices. The album begins in a contemplative and tranquil way, as if you took a step into the Middle Ages and waited for the minstrelsy. This melody could have been played at that time with pleasure on a Krummhörnen (a Renaissance woodwind) - as already mentioned, it sounds like it really comes from 1623.

A seemingly strange atmosphere continues the disc, with a constantly soloing guitar that sounds slightly shaky, and which leads us to further musical horizons ("One Step Left"). Gorgeous, yet quite different than the previous song - but sometimes it seems incredibly sympathetic to lie right next to it - just listen once to "Ice Day" and how the singer bravely shouts, " I don't wanna die! ". Then, in the middle of the song, there develops a Celtic sounding melody until we hit the next song already ("Days Of Our Lives"), which sounds like The Pogues! Or is it Paul Simon's "Graceland ," which shines through strongly here? I say yes, absolutely crazy, however this music is pleasant and good crazy! "Metamorphosis" is one of three instrumentals, and it brings a little peace into the action. The violin plays a beautiful melody and you can get a little lost in a dream. Vocally enriched ballads are also heard, as in the subsequent "Things That Make Me Cry", for example.

A reggae rhythm comes with the tune "Bad Timing", which features an enjoyable accordion. Here, the song is so wonderfully oblique. It reminds me of early Jonathan Richman. In addition, occasionally sounding like Dexy's Midnight Runners and their typical sound, is a jazz ballad, "I Color Me Blue", which is supported by cool Vibrafonklängen (vibraphone). Yippie -Ya - Yeah, the Ghost Riders trot slowly past with marvelous surf guitar. Yes, it is right here, on "Jalopy" - really quite well done. It's a piece that rounds off the dance of this wonderful music .

The result is a grab bag full of seemingly simple music played with much joy, sometimes even with a jam-band character, especially in one of the long pieces, "Learning How To Love". This is a song full of emotions, laughter, and longing, and is a complete success until we then come upon " Fly Away", which quotes " Up Up And Away (In My Beautiful Balloon)", and finally, initiated with pub noises, the closing number, "I'm On My Way", which again leads to jazz. Right here, Tom Waits would fit just fine!

This music is so unusual, so unusually good that I have to recommend this album again!

Från Wolfgang Giese - ROCKTIMES MAGAZINE, Germany, 10/3/13 - http://www.rocktimes


From "COUNTRY JUKEBOX", Munich, Germany:

Behind the name ZAN ZONE is the multi-instrumentalist and New York songwriter Zan Burnham who has worked together with 18 other musicians for three years on the album titled "Shorts". The result is a unprecedented cornucopia of various musical styles - designed for people who are interested in the unusual and enjoy looking outside of the box. As different as the 13 songs are, in the end everything fits together somehow. To make this "perfect pleasure", alongside banjo, cello, mandolin, electric guitars, violins, lap steel, and many other instruments, the album uses some sound effects. All this will produce for the listener a feeling as if he'd just watched 13 short films. - Max W. Achatz - 10/9/13 - http://www.countryjukebox


FOUR STAR REVIEW: From Ikon Magazine, Vintrosa, Sweden

New York City's Zan Burnham, has been working since the mid-90's with his musical project, Zan Zone, releasing a few albums, and currently has his third full length album out. It took three years to make the new album "Shorts", which utilizes nineteen musicians and singers, and they producedover seventy-three minutes music. It sounds great. Yes, it sounds very good in every way. Great variety and high level performances by all involved with plenty of surprises including elements such as pop / rock, country, Irish and so on. Actually, we generally do not hear a single song highlighted from a "real" album like this, nevertheless, I have gone back more to listen to "Only The Earth Endures", one of many highlights. 4 out of 5 stars - Roger Bengtsson - 10/12/13 - http://Ikonmagazine

Three Star Review: From KEYS & CHORDS - Belgium Magazine

Zan Burnham is actively involved in several projects in the music scene of New York. The multi-instrumentalist from Brooklyn profiles himself as a prolific songwriter. In 2009 he released a solo work acoustic CD, "Time & Materials". For the latest Zan Zone project, Burnham choose songs from a body of work of over 400 songs he wrote over the last few decades. Thirteen of those songs were eventually selected for "Shorts" and the sessions were scored in collaboration with musicians such as vibraphonist Bill Ware and violinist Charlie Burnham. Esoteric instrumentals such as "Paean To The Muse", "Metamorphosis", and the light galloping Western misfit, "Jalopy", alternate with more accessible pop music work. "One Step Left" is such a number. "Days Of Our Lives", and also on more or less catchy reggae-style inspired "Bad Timing", prove to be windfalls. But speaking of bad timing, "Only The Earth Endures" drags on almost eight minutes and "Learning How To Love" is unnecessarily drawn out to almost ten minutes and that is clearly something negative to many of the good songs, and has unfortunately a harmful influence on the whole. 3 out 5 stars - Cis Van Looy - 9/13 - 

From a forthcoming U.K review:

"A concept of sorts (I think), starting with an instrumental old hymn, followed by a Californian soft-rock with echoes of America and Neil Young, with a great groove. Later we have fiddle-folk meets African ('Days Of Our lives’) but with so much swapping of lead vocals and changing musical styles, it ends up sounding like a sampler – it lacks identity. I admired more than loved this....."

From Gondola, Hungary:

Zan Zone has been active in the acoustic folk genre and music market for nearly two decades. The balance sheet for the period to date is three CD's and two EP's. The recently completed new album, "Shorts", comes at the end of a fairly long process. The musician behind Zan Zone, Zan Burnham started this project over three years ago in 2010, but it has only materialized in the form of a disc of this year. The number of songs at 13 is an indication that the band's repertoire leads to experimentation. Indeed, Burnham kneads together many musical styles (folk, rock, blues, pop, etc.) in this production. We are offered a broad palette of differently colored compositions that follow each other. Songs we noted were One Step Left, Bad Timing and Fly Away.- Czékus Mihály - 12/23/1-

From R2 - ROCK'n' REEL - UK Magazine/website

ZAN ZONE is a band led by Zan Burnham. Possibly more of a collective, possibly just this guy. Their new album is called Shorts and it defies pigeonholing, which is always good. It's a bit rock'n'roll, a bit muscular singer-songwriter, a bit big band and always compelling listening. 1/14


From MOORS MAGAZINE - Dutch On-Line Magazine

Shorts is the somewhat ironic title of this album by Zan Zone, the band of Zan Burnham, as the songs easily take eight minutes or more - longer than the typical pop song. So, here are some unusual fragments (clips on the webpage at ", namely from one and the same piece, #4: "Days Of Our Lives". You may well hear how infectious the band's music is, and how varied and alternating within one number they can be. In this case, you are even sorry that the song is already ended after more than six minutes.
That is true, we must honestly say, not necessarily for all the songs on this record, because some songs are a bit long, but overall it works very well. For Shorts, Burnham choose songs from among the best ones he has written in the past forty years, and he also looked for a band that could play the music optimally. The result is inventive, funny; it has intelligent arrangements, and is catchy music - and, it all fits together in a nice big picture.

The music varies, from pop to folk, with some reggae, rock, surf and jazz mixed through. Nice! 3/25/14

  I love your CD, very beautiful songwriting and the production is A+. Well done.
Thomas Adelman -Former Exec. VP of Feature Production, HANDMADE FILMS - August 2014



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