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To listen to an older music selection go to: myspace.




It's been a while...


2018!!! Let's hope it's good one!

It's been quite a "full" 3 years since I last said anything here. Really - there's been much struggle and difficulties. Both of my parents died in 2016, and there were many challenges related to that both before and after they passed. I, myself, had an odd health scare in 2016 when a blood vessel broke open in my stomach, and at one point I apparently had only a few hours to live due to blood loss... Horrible!.... but that's so 1 & 1/2 years ago now..... My wife has also had some health problems, and a friend of hers was killed last year, crossing a street in Brooklyn. She became the executor and that's been the source of a lot of distractions as well.

Meanwhile, through all that, plus the usual viscisitudes of life, somehow, ZAN ZONE has recorded a new album! It's a rock 'n' roll album - fun & energetic! It's called: IT'S ONLY NATURAL! - AND, it will be out in the middle of January! I know I'm not the only one who has great expectations for this project. Certainly, we are going to try to do some shows in the fairly near future. I know for me, I really think that this could be a new beginning of something really cool.

Looking forward to seeing lots of fans this year - LET'S ROCK 2018!!!


Oh - & btw - We will be changing websites very soon. This one will change to, and it will be linked to a new ZANZONE.COM site. Enjoy!





Hello! How's 'tings wit' everyone?... 2014's almost gone!.......... Though I feel like, anyday, the way things are so sped-up these days, that it's gonna be like, 2100!....... Yeah. Anyday now.......

It's been about 6 months since I last emerged here at with any thoughts, conversation, announcements - or pronouncements..... It's been a long 6 months....... seems longer....

Zan Zone, after our early June TV appearance, has been idle, unfortunately. Everyone - scattered; and busy.... However, we hope to pick things up soon, probably in January. There are possibilities for gigs, recording, and even some videos. Exciting!... but it all takes time & money - especially: TIME.

And speaking of "time", one of my sisters, Cornelia, died - too young - on June 18th. I became the de facto executor, and it's been pretty difficult, and certainly time-consuming, having to deal with all of her possessions, loose ends, etc. There's been no funeral, but perhaps in 2015 there will be. She will be missed.

2015 looms as yet another "interesting" year coming up. I hate being bored, but these "interesting times" we live in, are kind of getting boring, too.... All the hate. The killing. The torture. The greed. The lies. The fear. The stupidity.......

But hey... there's still music....





ZAN ZONE will be appearing on The Little Valley Live Music Show, on The Manhattan Neighborhood Network tv channel - Monday, June 9th, at 4:30pm.

TV Broadcasts - Channels 56 (Time Warner), 83 (RCN), 34 (FiOS) - Sorry, Manhattan only!

However, it also streams live at:

Hope to be viewed by you all in living color...



As many of you know, ZAN ZONE has a show in 2 weeks in Park Slope, Brooklyn at Shapeshifter Lab. Go to the gig page for more info - ZZ SHOWS

We've been rehearsing & it all sounds great! We hope many of our friends & fans attend. It should be a fun, exciting, and entertaining night... perhaps, even illuminating....

Meanwhile, it's Earth Day. I just finished reading the book, "The Sixth Extinction", about how humans are killing off loads of other species & that we could easily kill ourselves off too, in not too long a time.... Nice!

Happy Earth Day...




Hello! Zan Zone is scheduled to rehearse soon for a number of shows later this year. The Randomaxe Records booking staff is actively working on securing some gigs. We hope to do a show or two by, or in, May. We will certainly announce dates as soon as we have 'em. - AND, Zan Zone did add its final member, a wonderful female singer named Sabrina, and that rounds out the six-piece band. You won't want to miss it, so check back soon for shows!



I kinda feel like Miss America as her reign comes to an end.

"Shorts" will continue on, no doubt, but the "13" connection was big... what's with this "time" thing, anyway?

So. Clearly, you still need massive $$$ to really promote an original act these days. It's crazy. Not that money hasn't always been necessary for promotion, etc. Still, it's the end of an era. A time for art. Really, that time's passed now. Gone. Humans have and will have far different concerns over the next few decades... allthingsmustpass

However, as far as next year and Zan Zone is concerned, it looks like that in all likelyhood, ZZ WILL be playing some gigs, at least in the NYC area in 2014... (sorry, Slovenia, you'll just have to wait...) All the musicians are on board (save for an as-yet un-found lady singer), and really, it's going to be amazing!

...will let you know - of course!

HAPPY 2014!!!





Well hello there all you folks who've stumbled in on this latest news report from Zan Zone!

Well, SHORTS has been out for a little over 6 months now. We've certainly gotten some good reactions from various music fans, radio stations, and music reviewers. Really, the only consistent (& very few) criticisms have been that there are some songs on SHORTS that are too long. Heaven forbid! I've noticed this with the Belgium reviewers and one of the Dutch reviewers. Interesting that those countries are right next to each other! An urge for speed?... However, the longest song on the cd, "Learning How To Love", at 9 & 1/2 minutes, has been played a few times in Portugal, and, believe it or not, also on a country music station in ADD Holland! I think that that show was actually a non-country music show that plays all kinds of eclectic stuff for an hour or so.... It's not always so easy to discern who's playing what in Europe due to language issues. SHORTS is also getting some occasional airplay in the USA, but I'm beginning to understand radio culture much much more than ever. For instance, a PR/Publicity company in Los Angeles has told me that they can get SHORTS on tons of radio stations in the USA IF I give them $100,000. NICE!... So, I realize that unless you're spending pretty big bucks, you're NOT going to get on the radio much. I've also sent SHORTS to 3 or 4 "heavy hitters" in the radio world, but, in return, I've heard back NOTHING, NADA, ZERO, & ZILCH. If all my reviews are quite good, why do supposed music "experts" ignore SHORTS? Clearly, if you don't have a "sanctioned" promoter or a major record label promoting you, you're getting almost nowhere on most USA radio stations. Really, practically everything you hear on radio goes through some kind of big money corporate filter before the audience gets to hear the scintillating, sanctioned sounds of the most wonderful creations.... Now, the stations that HAVE played SHORTS (see the top of the review page for some somewhat updated radio show info), are generally small college stations or NPR stations that have shows where the host/dj actually makes THEIR OWN choices regarding what to play. But apparently, that's a rare thing! And the big stations are basically fascist corporate entities that exist only to make profits. Now I know that's what our society is all about (PROFITS! PROFITS! PROFITS!), so we get all the disco queens, but no more Bob Dylans. Oh well! Radio in the 60's into the 70's had some good things going on. But no more - or it's incredibly fragmented........

Some good news: the increasing global temperatures will likely eliminate most humans before the century is over, so all the good music and art will have to live on somewhere in the deep recesses of our disembodied souls (the soul cloud?!). Hope you've learn how to hum internally, 'cause after the temps get ya, you'll only have your memories and experiences to entertain you! (was that the good news?!) Alright, perhaps some souls will jump into new bodys on other planets (I wonder how many other planets' radio stations has Clear Channel already bought up?.....) and get to experience art yet again from a physical perspective. Perhaps next time they'll get it...... I know I'm going to go to the planet Jimi Hendrix left here for..... perhaps I'll see some of you there, eventually!

Oh yeah, we're trying to get some live ZZ shows together; some of the potential musicians are currently unreachable, but we'll keep trying AND keep you posted as soon as some shows are announced.

Now be a good citizen and go eat yer GMO's & corn syrup while listening to the latest corporate approved and paid for drum-machine "music"!




John Lennon would've been 73 today!!! WOW! Hey Johnny - HB Dude!!!!!... Miss ya lad...

Zan Zone just got a FIVE STAR REVIEW from Germany's ROCKTIMES Magazine..... not too shabby! ZZ is also getting radio play all over Europe. Look soon for playlists from some of the stations.... In Denmark especially, Zan Zone is getting airplay along side such artists as Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Elvis Costello, Leonard Cohen, Randy Newman..... you get the picture..... I wish we were touring there right now! Will have to work on that... Hopefully, we'll have a bunch of things happening soon. There's more to tell but obligations impell us to pay attention to more mundane matters for the moment. Will post soon....


It's been a busy summer so far! SHORTS continues to pick up some radio play here and there, some CD sales, and Zan Zone is also now being represented in Europe by HEMIFRAN, an A&R management and promotion company based in Sweden. Run by a long time European music industry executive, Peter Holmstedt, HEMIFRAN has signed on to represent and promote Zan Zone in Europe. Perhaps a tour of "the continent" will be forthcoming?!

Speaking of Europe, I had the opportunity to spend a couple of weeks in July in north eastern Espania and it is a marvelous place with wonderful people! I know Europe has been having all kinds of financial woes, but somehow, (except, perhaps, for Greece...) they seem to be still enjoying life - as it should be!

I also had a little bicycle mishap recently resulting in a fractured wrist and a broken nose! Unfortunately, arm bones take 3 - 4 months to totally heal and I can feel it when I try to play the guitar.... Ouch! However, I'm mostly on the mend and hope to wramp up some Zan Zone activities soon. Likely, a stripped-down band will be in the offer.... While I wish it could be the full "orchestra", getting more than half a dozen musicians and singers together is quite a challange! Forget about 19! Let's start with bass & drums.... & you, White Wilson? (that's an inside comment....)

I've been asked why there's no Zan Zone facebook page or twitter account. As most of you know, these sites have been so picked over by the N.S.A., that it just seems pointless to feed the beast with ever more info from every direction imaginable. Yeah, yeah, I know, this is just a MUSIC SITE! Hardly anything here that any government would be worried about.....right? Or are they? Search for the Chilean singer, "Victor Jara". He was MURDERED by the fascist Chilean government (& tacitly, the usa...) in 1973 for SINGING songs that the gubermint didn't like...Not that Zan Zone is singing anything like poor Victor sang. Victor, however, is what you'd call a hero (I'm more like a song-and-dance-man - and the dancin's not too good!). I realize that all emails and phone calls are "monitored" and that, in a way, what does it matter if they're monitoring you on fb & t as well, but, presently, it has me aggravated.... It's the principal of it (damn it!).... citizen's are supposed to have so-called PRIVACY rights.... in fact, in the usa, it's called THE FORTH AMENDEMENT to the CONSTITUTION......... HELLO!!!

Here's an interesting article about the subject: "Hometown Boy Censored On Facebook"

We live in interesting times...

So you know how you can "like" Zan Zone? Buy a CD!!!




One of the singers and writers on SHORTS, Philip Dessinger, just had a song he co-wrote with the classic rock band, FOGHAT, released as their new single. The song is called "The Word Of Rock n' Roll", and Philip actually got the chance to write the lyrics for FOGHAT through a contest the band held last year. Who would've doubted lyric-meister Dessinger's win?! Here's a link to some info about the song:

Also, here's a cool video of Philip and his band, Hip Pocket, jamming with FOGHAT'S legendary drummer Roger Earl this spring on an old SANTANA tune:



Two more stations are playing Zan Zone -

WVGN in St Thomas, Virgin Islands, and WPKN on Long Island, NY. This station, is also known as North Fork Sound, or NoFoSo, which is run by Howard Thompson, former head of A&R at Elektra Records. One song, "Metamorphosis", actually got on NoFoSo's own charts! #? w/a bullet!!!

No doubt, many more stations will add SHORTS to their playlists as time goes by....



Sooooooooooooo!... What's been happenin'? Well, SHORTS has gotten a few wonderful reviews by some music fans, some of whom are already ZZ fans, but, never-the-less, their views are to be well respected & regarded.... & heeded!!! So, uh, all 7 billion of ya: Buy the CD!...

Uh, yeah.

However, at least 3 radio stations are playing the CD, Maggie Ferguson has played SHORTS on her OLD FRONT PORCH SHOW on WXOU in Michigan, Michael Chenault is playing it on, and Freddy Celis is playing it on ROOTSTIME, an internet radio station in Belgium, EU.

From small beginnings... just wait until Clear Channel hears SHORTS - Why, they'll get religion!


Also, forsaking idylic music making, our resident IT mavin has spent days putting most of the relevent SHORTS info up on the website here.... and, for a bit, we'll offer free listening of the CD in an MP3 format at Soundcloud...Enjoy!



Well yes. It's out!!! We're still working on all of the details of distribution, etc. We hope to have many choices available soon to hear the music. Even some free ones for a time... The Release party was great, and those who've commented so far love the new music. Hopefully YOU will too!




CD RELEASE PARTY @ t.b.d., 224 Franklin St. Greenpoint brooklyn NY Saturday, 4/20 - CD WILL AIR AROUND 7PM...


More news to follow soon...



We're in the final stages of production for SHORTS!

Should be out in 2 or 3 weeks...




We are hopefully within a month of the new CD coming out.............. cue Etta James...



Yeah. Flyin'...



Zan Zone is on the precipice of releasing a new CD length music project. Thirteen songs. 73 minutes of music! This project has taken an unprecidented amount of time and effort. We may be prejudiced, but we think it will be recognized as an outstanding piece of work - of art.

The CD is titled "SHORTS". The songs have a cinematic quality to them and are envisioned as mini-movies, like "short films". Shorts are a fantastic little art forms themselves. If you've ever been to a short film festival, you'll know what we're talking about.

There have been 19 musicians and singers who participated on this project, and around 30 people total have been involved one way or another in the making of this CD. Our goal was to make something truly great, something to stand the test of time, and while we can't be absolutely sure we've accomplished this, we're pretty confident we have! But the final verdict will be from you, the listeners. Certainly, we can't wait for you all to hear it!... Soon!

It should be out by the end of February, so keep an ear out!


BTW, There are four videos on You Tube from a recent Zan Zone show. All the videos are of cover songs, but there's some decent stuff there. Our favorite song is "Lullabye", which features a great solo by vibraphonist Bill Ware. The others are two acoustic, instrumental, solo pieces, and one electric piece, The Beatles', "Tomorrow Never Knows". The performance is really not that good on that one! We'll leave it for now, but it is a bit embarassing! There were NO rehearsals for this gig, unfortunately... Hopefully, before too long, we'll get some "more-better" YouTube things happening!...




My how time flies...

As I said above, there's more current info (well, if there IS any...) on myspace. Meanwhile, I hope to post some video of the 5/14 show, and I am continuing work on the next Zan Zone cd, which I hope to release sometime next year (just in time for armegeddeon!). I really think that this next cd is gonna be big. Trust me... & ya never know when the next gig might pop up!





Well, you know how record companies are... ours, Randomaxe Records, has been a bit tardy in reporting what actual radioplay Zan Zone's latest album has been receiving. While the executives have been partying a bit too hard on our dime, we have been able to get an executive VP or two to come up with some radio reports AND the good news is, is that "Time & Materials" has been played on over a dozen radio stations, and that EIGHT out of the TEN songs on the album have been played! Usually, a station will play just one or two songs off an album, so it's quite satisfying to hear that radio stations like so many songs off of the CD.


Here's a list of some of the radio shows and stations that have played Zan Zone:

FOLK FIASCO on WDBX in Carbondale, Illinois

THE OLD FRONT PORCH RADIO SHOW on WXOU in Auburn Hills, Michigan


HOOTENANNY CAFE on WTBQ in Warwick, New York

WHFR in Dearborn, Michigan

IT'S ALL FOLK on KEUL in Girdwood, Alaska

FRESH FOLK on KUSM Utah Public Radio in Logan, Utah

ROOTSTIME in Belgium, Europe



We're waiting to get reports from a few more stations as well....



Zan Zone has been performing a a couple of low profile gigs, but mostly we're working on demos for the next Zan Zone CD, which we hope to have out sometime in 2011.The songs have been chosen - more or less! - and this next CD should really be fantastic! We're all confident that (if we get the recordings done right...) this next CD should really get EVERYONE'S attention because the material is just so strong. Music lovers of the world: BE FOREWARNED!!!




12/13/09 + some updates 4/25/2010

Hello! Zan Zone continues to persevere in the cesspool* of the music biz with a few gigs and more planned recordings. We hope to ramp it up even more in 2010. The music biz is in an odd place these days (years). Eric Clapton claims the percentage of good music (5%) is about the same as it ever was (see his excellent bio). I think we're in very choppy waters as the ramifications of decreased art funding over the last 40 years has resulted in a more naive and simple minded audience. NPR has reported that audiences for jazz & classical music and dance have fallen year after year since the early 70's, and those that still appreciate these art forms are getting older as well. Anyone who thinks, FOR EXAMPLE, that Jay-Z is any kind of talent compared to say Art Tatum........ well, like I said, audiences are getting dumb & dumber. I'm amazed at what sometimes passes for talent these days.... But no doubt, the national debt, resource depletion, and other BIG problems will likely change the whole landscape of the USA & the world over the next few decades quite dramatically.... I imagine, among other things, that a lot more music will be created locally. The big tours will decrease..... Here in NYC, we certainly have an abundance of musicians.... 'course, almost none of 'em can make a living at it, but that's not why we musicians play anyway! (well, some of us...) The 1920's - 1970's were decades where musicians could make a living, but that's all changed now, and it ain't coming back.... so grow some potatoes while you practice your descending Phrygian Dominant Harmonic Minor scales (& just for fun, do it in four positions on the neck (oops, string instruments only!) starting from each finger oh yeah!

Anyway.... (not that I can do the above so well..... sorry Mr. Tatum - I'll keep practicing...)

The 2009 release, Time & Materials, has received a good bit of praise, a few sales, and some radio play. Zan Zone is being played on a few internet stations like WGOE, and RadioIndy . Just recently, this April, on her well-regarded show "Fresh Folk", DJ Blair Larson, on KUSU, a NPR station in Utah, played some Zan Zone! And in Belgium, EU, ZZ is also being played on a big internet radio station, ROOTSTIME........

However, to get played on most radio stations/shows, you have to hire "promoters"........ (I've investigated the situation and I've noticed some common figures.... like it's about a $5000 - $300,000 expense, with no guarantees of recouping......ouch! Zan Zone will accept donations - Thanks!)

*note: "cesspool", ahem....ya know, when I venture out to clubs, et. al., I hear & meet a lot of musicians.... and I am amazed at how many talented performers there are out there.... and even some of the people from the business end are very sincere & dedicated people....... all of these hardly represent any association with "cesspool"..........It's just that.......I may be lecturing to the choir here, but what it takes to put together a live act these days is completely over-the-top.... The consensus I get from everyone is also that it's just gotten worse & worse over the last 30 years.... What's a mf mewzishion to do???!!! The music business is cursed with not having nearly enough "resources" for all of the great musicians who would like to get a living wage from it.....The only solution is to ban recorded music!..... If someone wants to hear music, say, while they're driving.... boom! a gig for a band!....... "Hey! Tell your drummer not to crush my groceries!" I sing & play to & for the wind

- I hear it blowing but I can't catch it -

& a few hardy souls.....



Hope everyone's enjoying the summer!

The Randomaxe Records staff has been hard at work offering up to the Gods of Folk Music the recently released new Zan Zone CD, Time & Materials. We've heard that there's a DJ named Doug, at an NPR station in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, who's already playing the new Zan Zone album. Hopefully more DJs will follow suit! We are also currently trying to book more gigs for the fall. Please check our MySpace page for the latest gig info: Mostly it's been Zan, solo at recent gigs. Last night Zan played at the Dave Fields All-Star Jam at The Bitter End. The jam band, is excellent, and Dave is, of course, quite the wunderkind on the ol' six-string.......Zan received some high praise, too, for his own jammin'......... Check out Dave Fields here:

And last Wednesday, Zan performed 3 songs at the invitation only Wednesday Night Song Club, hosted by Niall Connelly - Niall's an excellent Irish singer/songwriter himself, and you can check out his song club here: .............. Zan Zone hopes to perform as a duo for another WNSC show in September.....

And speaking of September, Zan Zone's bass player, Justin Cawley, will be a married man by then! Yup. He's tyin' the noose, ah,... knot on 8/30..... All the best to Justin & Chica!

It was also a good time up at The Mudcat Inn in Jackson, NH, earlier this month, when Zan did another solo show up there. Far from being like cold rock, The Granite Staters gave Zan a warm reception. The Mudcat is a fine place to hang and hear some good music.

Ok, break over! Gotta get back to more mewzik promoshun.... Come back soon!




Rip Van Zan Zone has awoken!

The new Zan Zone CD "Time & Materials"

will be available May 26, 2009!

For a sneak preview of 3 of the songs, go to

& check out "Better Dream", "Bioplar/Hilarity Rag",

& "Carey Won't You Sing For Me"

And come back for more info soon!!!



Shhhhhhhhhhhh! Recording......



DA LATEST: hmmmmm...... well, I've been having a bit of trouble finding other musicians to play with, particularly a percussionist.... though I recently jammed with a Brazilian cat who's interested....

I've also been too busy actually making money in the film biz.... so why do I need to play music when I can actually make money?!

Ahem.... sorry, I'll do some gigs soon...!


From: 03/18/2007


Due to unrelenting toil, I have been reticent to add to my already

too full a calender, musical performances, much as I love them....

However, I have come down from the mountain,

and will be performing on April 20, 2007, at a cool Brooklyn, NY coffee

house called Vox Pop.

click on DATES to see more info....






Hello to any & all who've stumbled through the dimension warp...

It would be nice to talk about wonderful musical things....

Absolutely, music is one of the best things in life....

Personally, I've been playing guitar for going on 30 years, and while

I don't make much money at it, I'm a pretty good player.

Playing the guitar well - or many other instruments - is, I believe, the best "break"

one could have from the travails of daily existance.

It would be a cool world if most people were competent on an instrument.

The world, however, is not that cool...

Personally, I've become increasingly disturbed at the

profoundly striking changes about to emerge on our planet.

.....but this is probably not the place to do this....

So I'm just gonna grab my ax here, & play a tune...


Hopefully, I'll have some real music news soon... I'll be adding some new mp3's....

See ya real soon!



FROM 2005:

Hello! With wings of electrons you have selected this very spot in cyberspace that harbors ZAN ZONE. Spring water or wine? Come, have a seat by the what's the news?

TEN YEARS..... Since the last CD.... And this one's only an EP..... WATCHING THE WORLD....hey, 4 songs for 5 bucks... 20 minutes of music.... how can you go wrong? I spent about 9 months on this dang thing....and that with tap dancin' around 3 other people who really don't want a recording studio in the house... (In the house? It must be a sign of the coming armageddon (I think it'll be "Mothra"!) when for 5 - 10 G's, you can put together a home studio that's almost equivalent to studios costing a quarter-mill-plus from about 90-95 & ya know, the real news is is that yet another dreamer has said: "I ain't licked yet".

SOOOOOO if you're feelin' loose with five bucks you can procure your very own hard copy of said EP from,, and

All of the songs from the new ZAN ZONE EP are also available at these 15 sites for digital download: Apple .iTunes, Etherstream, Emusic, MSN Music, MusicMatch, MP3tunes, Rhapsody, Puretracks, MusicNow, MusicNet LoudEye NetMusic, Sony Connect, BuyMusic, Bitmunk

(You do know that everyone who buys might get to come over for a gourmet macrobiotic meal - I'll pick up the beer, too...)

As stated on the zz home page, this site is a work in progress.... let's just say that we're not runnin' on dilythium crystals here... Scotty....

If you're feelin' frisky & would just love to give out your email address to someone other than The Homeland Security Band, drop me a line at, & if something really cool occurs, chew be da foist ta know, mon...



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